Why Do We Need Alternative Fuels?

People these days have started considering the options of an alternative fuel over petroleum or diesel. This is not a area specific phenomenon, instead it is a much bigger and wide spread spectrum. Herein, one needs to understand why do we need alternative fuels globally.

Our present fuel resources are not going to be around forever and with the ever increasing consumption their extinction is nearly unavoidable. Also our fuel resources which are mostly made up of fossil fuels are not renewable in nature.

Currently around the world the consumption of fossil fuels is 100,000 times faster than their natural production. According to an estimate the demand for these fuels will suddenly outstrip their availability in a matter of centuries-or less.

Another fact which should also be paid attention to here is that the consumption of fossil fuels is eating up our environment very fast.

No matter how safely the fossil fuels are used, they continue to take a toll on the atmosphere. This is because on combustion these types of fuels release various pollutants. These pollutants include dangerous gases like sulfur dioxide that causes acid rain.

Also the combustion of fossil fuels emit carbon dioxide. This harmful gas when released into the atmosphere makes a huge contribution to the greenhouse effect. This effect prompts the atmosphere to capture and reflect back the energy that radiate from the surface of the earth, instead of letting them to escape back into space. This causes global warming that melts the polar ice caps and affects weather all around the world. If not controlled it can also cause the extinction of mankind!

The rampant warnings of global warming are the biggest reason for the world to look beyond these fossil fuels.

The consumption is not the only thing that adds to the pollution. The development in technology has made it possible to extract fossil fuels in a much easier and more cost effective way. This has lead to the corporate race of finding more resources. This involves digging deeper and deeper into the ground. This further causes the scraping off ever more layers of precious topsoil.

Alternative fuels on the other hand are safer. They do not cause pollution in the atmosphere. Nor do they involve harassment of any natural resources. Also unlike the fossil fuels, the resources for the alternative fuels are entirely renewable. This makes it a smart decision to opt for the alternative fuels.

So now that we understand why do we need alternative fuels, we should act fast. There are many alternative fuels like Biodiesel, Ethanol and more to help us. We should make it a point to adapt these fuels and save our environment at the earliest!

Source by Samuel Oliver

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