Global Warming – Purveyor of Death

Plants, trees, animals, sea, earth, rocks, sand, water, air, wind etc all these are part of nature. Nature is something that can not be created artificially and even existed when there was no human life. Nature is referred to as the natural surroundings comprising of animal and plant kingdom.

Nature provides us many resources and we are dependent upon them for our continued existence. Plants and trees are wonderful gift of nature. These provide us not only oxygen but also helps us fighting the growing demons known as pollution and global warming. Trees are responsible for absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) and emitting oxygen into the atmosphere due to the process of photosynthesis. This unique property makes trees real saviors of life fighting against purveyor of death.

Global warming is referred to as the increased earth’s average temperature.

Effects and causes of Global Warming:

Spreading of Diseases – Warm temperature is beneficial for microorganism, germs and viruses to survive and to multiply. As a result of global warming diseases are spreading day by day.

Increased Hurricanes – Average temperature of oceans is increasing like anything and this result in increasing probability of powerful, frequent and grievous Hurricanes.

Drought – Increasing temperature results in increasing the probability of drought and serious heat waves. The day is not far when there will not be any water left because of this day by day increasing rate of global warming.

Accumulation of hazardous gases in the atmosphere – Excessive releasing of green house gases is one of the main reasons of Global warming. Some of the green house gases are CO2, N2O and methane. Accumulation of these harmful gases is increasing due to the recent industrialization and unnecessary deforestation.

Hostile world for future generation – As a result of this increasing demon, the world will turn hostile for the future generation. Global warming is badly affecting not only earth but also affecting the whole ecosystem.

Ways to avoid Global warming:

Avoid using perfumes rich in CFCs – CFC is Chlorofluorocarbon and is responsible for depletion of ozone layer. Increased use of CFCs results in increasing global warming.

Make use of solar energy – Start using solar energy appliances and equipments because these are beneficial in decreasing pollution and helps saving non-renewable resources.

Grow More Trees – Trees play an important role in saving earth from warming and soil erosion. We should grow more trees in order to keep environment safe and secure.

Organic Food – Consumption of organic food helps in decreasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Say no to Polyethene Bags- Polythene is non-recyclable material and is responsible for increasing pollution. Start using paper bags, cloth bags or bags made from recyclable material in order to save environment.

Source by Yaksh Trikha

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